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We provide pet relocation services from Hong Kong to places such as United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Union, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. We also provide services for import of pets into Hong Kong including permit application, pet clearance and delivery.

Ensure the route of transit is allowed by the destination authority. Also check if there is any additional requirement of the transiting country/place.

There may be additional requirements such as testing and quarantine of passengers and you may not be allowed to claim your pets on transit or arrival. It is therefore important to know the import/transit requirements of both passengers and pets.

Please check with your airlines or destination authority. Some countries/places only allow approved agents to handle pet clearance.

In-cabin, excess baggage, cargo freight, private jet.

Discuss with your airlines or agent. It is important to ensure the environment of your pets on the flight/ during transit is optimum e.g. air quality and climate control, animal health and animal welfare being maintained.

French Bull Dog and Persian are considered as snub-nosed breeds. As dogs/cats and their hybrids of snub-nosed breeds are prone to health problems on flight, most airlines have stopped carrying them. Canlife can provide feasible advices based on your destination.

Purchase the crate weeks to months in advance. Train with patience and positive reinforcement to normalize the crate for your pet.